Reader Interaction

A monumental election year

Have the actions of the Republican and Democrat nominees caused you to alter your political views and change the way you're voting not just for presidential race, but for Senate and House races as well?

Have attacks on larger cities impacted your way of life?

Have recent attacks in various highly-populated areas changed your way of thinking when it comes to your way of life? Will you choose to stick with online shopping rather than traveling to local and area merchants to do shopping? Will you choose to bypass a vacation in a larger city in favor of staying at home instead due to the risks associated with potential attacks on highly-populated areas?

Despite host of dangerous issues, do you remain supportive of Summer Olympic Games in Rio?

Various issues on the 2016 Summer Olympics Games have been well-documented.
Among the problems:
37 tons of dead fish were removed from the rowing venue in 2015.
"Raw sewage" water first threatened the games in July 2015.
The swimming federation sought virus testing in Rio Olympic water.
Less than half the tickets were sold as of March.
Experts warned the Games could lead to a worldwide Zika outbreak.
Expectant mothers advised to avoid Games.
Rio police warn tourists aren't safe.

Jake brakes

What is your take on the jake brake situation again addressed by city council? The council mentioned the topic during their Monday, May 16 meeting, citing the possibility of creating a noise ordinance to prohibit the engine brakes in some parts of town. Signs prohibiting the brake retarders will be placed in some areas of town. Do the tractor-trailers go to fast to begin with? Shouldn't they use any means necessary to stop their vehicles in case of an emergency situation up ahead? Aren't motorcycles extremely loud as well? Let us know your thoughts.

Forecasting the weather

Our little furry friend in Punxsutawney predicted an early spring but the weather forecast is calling for more of the white stuff this weekend. Does our brief reprieve from winter mean a cold spring?

How successful have you been with new year resolutions?

With a new year comes new resolutions. Among the 10 ten resolutions people pledge to every year are to get out of debt, exercise, help others, get organized, learn something new, more family time, quit smoking, lose weight, quit drinking, enjoy life more. Others may include to find a new job, travel and find love. Do you make resolutions every new year? If so what are they and how successful have you been with them?

PIAA votes to expand football classifications

In a move that changes the landscape of high school sports, the PIAA last week approved a measure that would expand high school football classifications from four to six. The change will take effect in the 2016-17 school year and could alter the current schedules for many of the area sports teams. Do you agree with the reclassification or should the system have been left alone?

If you could create your ideal school course, what would it be?

With the start of a new school year comes new opportunities to take new classes and electives. What would your ideal school course consist of?

Only a few more days until school starts. We want to hear from you.

Tell us how you plan to spend the last few days before school starts.