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'When springtime came, red robin built a nest'

March 21, 2013

Photographer Larry Simon captured this image of a Robin perched along the Clarion-Little Toby Rail Trail feeding on the sumac berries.
Photo Credit
Larry Simon

Larry says, "It was another fruitful trip on the Clarion-Little Toby Rail Trail this week, as several robins were seen feeding on the sumac berries. Few people know that the fresh summer berries of staghorn, smooth, and dwarf Sumacs can be used to make a mild pink lemonade. I learned this years ago from the Lee Allen Peterson Field Guide to Edible Wild Plants" and have made gallons of the juice since. If you try it, make sure you also read his instructions on pasteurizing to store the product more than two days."
Editor's Note: The types of sumac above are different from poison sumac, which is related but looks very different.

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