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Veterans' task force formed

June 22, 2011

County officials announced Tuesday that a local veterans' task force has been initiated to help bridge gaps between various groups dedicated to the assistance and advancement of the county's veterans.
"I hope to see the new task force work with the various veterans groups concerning different veterans' issues," said Elk County Commissioner Ronald T. Beimel. "We'll be meeting at least once a month with the Rides 4 Vets program, a great organization, and we're happy to forge together with them to see what kind of improvements can be made."
Elk County Commissioner Daniel R. Freeburg also was happy to see the creation of the task force.
"It's to basically act as a liaison to further assist our veterans office," Freeburg said. "We have a pretty thin staff there for obvious reasons and when we're out and about meeting these groups, we can really bring in the concerns and ways to improve."


rides for vets

June 23, 2011 by PATRICIA PASQUINELLI (not verified), 3 years 40 weeks ago
Comment: 149

I started driving the vets to appointments last summer.I love doing this for them but the process you have to go through is ridiculous.
First of all I am a school bus driver and have a CDL license, get a physical every year to be able to drive. Then to be able to drive the vets. I had to go all through this again plus drive to Erie to do it. I had to take off a day of work to do this. I did it as I want to do this for the vets very much. It is my way to thank them for what they did for us Americans. Well,now I get a letter saying I have to go back up to Erie to do this all over again. I have the summers off and was looking forward to driving and now I have to wait to get an appointment in Erie to get the physical again. By the time this is done,I will be back to work again and won't be able to drive. This doesn't sound right to me. Why can't my physical I get at work for school bus driver count for the Veterans Administration? I am not going to go to Erie again for the same examination that I will get again in the end of July. It is senseless. Is there anything that can be done about this situation? I really want to do this for the vets. Is there anything else that I can do to help the vets that doesn't require a physical up in Erie every year? I think you would get a lot more people to help,if they didn't have to go up to Erie for everything. Why can't we get a physical at the Dubois office?

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