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Veterans honored at graveside services

May 30, 2011

Graveside services are shown taking place at the grave of William Herbstritt in the St. Mary's Catholic Cemetery on Monday morning. Similar services were also held at the grave of Larry Bucher Jr. in the Protestant cemetery. Photo by Becky Polaski.

The annual graveside services to honor war veterans were held once again on Monday morning in both the St. Mary's Catholic and Protestant cemeteries. This year's services were held at the graves of World War II veteran William Herbstritt in the Catholic cemetery and Korean War veteran Larry Bucher Jr. in the Protestant cemetery. The ceremonies were conducted by members of the Veterans of Foreign Wars Post 1047.
"As long as two comrades survive, so long will the Veterans of Foreign Wars of the United States render tribute to her dead," said Jim Distler, member of the VFW, as he began the ceremony at St. Mary's Catholic Cemetery.
According to Distler, the graves of Herbstritt and Bucher Jr. represented the final resting places of all departed comrades who served in all wars.
"Wherever the body of a comrade lies, there the ground is hallowed. Our presence here is in solemn commemoration of all these men, an expression of our tribute to their devotion to duty, their courage and patriotism. By their services on land, sea, and in the air, they have made us their debtors," Distler said.

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