On their way to the rodeo

Shown are Katie (on left) and Suzanne Friedl (on right), along with their Grandpa Bob Buehler, in a photo that was taken in 1991 or 1992 in Ridgway as the family was on their way to the Ellicottville Rodeo. According to Fritz Lecker, who took the photo, it was a beautiful, very hot summer day. Katie and Suzanne both had their cowboy hats on, as the entire family loved the rodeo and was raring to go. Suzanne was clutching her teddy because she had a stomachache, but insisted she was well enough to make the trip. Upon arriving at the rodeo, they found seats in the bleachers and by this time it was stifling hot and the smell of the livestock was heavy in the air. The woman in front of them was wearing a very fancy crocheted red, white and blue shawl which she said she had just finished that day. They were all admiring her shawl. At this time, Katie insisted on having something to eat and purchased a hot dog with everything on it. The hot dog looked and smelled horrible. Katie asked Suzanne if she wanted a bite and shoved it in Suzanne's face; Suzanne got a big whiff of the dog and turned green. Without warning, Suzanne vomited all over the woman in front of them, all over her beautiful new shawl. The family was all horrified and attempted to wipe off the poor woman's back and her shawl. Grandpa stood up and said, "that's it - we're going back home!" All this before the rodeo even started...Lecker recollects that it was a very memorable day. She said luckily, the family tries to get to the rodeo every year, so Katie and Suzanne had plenty more chances to go. The family still loves going to the rodeo to this day, and hopes they win tickets for this year. Send a photo of yourself or someone you know getting ready to go to the rodeo for an opportunity to win tickets to the Ellicottville Rodeo on July 1, 2 and 3. Email photos to publisher3@zitomedia.net. Photo submitted by Fritz Lecker.