St. Marys Ambulance celebrates 50 years of caring

File photo by Amy Cherry - Shown are a group of St. Marys Area Ambulance Service paramedics and EMTs.
Amy Cherry
Staff Writer

In its 50 years of service the St. Marys Area Ambulance Service has rendered aid in response to nearly 100,000 calls.
With this year marking the golden anniversary of the SMAAS the organization continues to commit itself through its missions statement to "provide the best possible emergency and non-emergency health care and transportation of the sick and injured residents of the City of St. Marys and surrounding areas."
In the last fiscal year emergency personnel responded to over 4,400 calls for service of which 2,079 were Advanced Life Support (ALS), 1,539 were Basic Life Support (BLS) and 808 were van calls. Long-distance transports totaled 1,045 typically consisting of inter-facility calls from hospital to hospital or a care facility to hospital. Many of these patients are incapacitated as they are unable to ride in a car. This number continued to increase with the designation of Penn Highlands Elk as a critical-access hospital.
"We are inundated with transfers," Sorg noted.