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Sheriff receives donation

November 21, 2010

Bill Goodreau, right, recently made a donation to the Elk County Sheriff's Department on behalf of the Loyal Order of Moose based along North Broad Street in Ridgway. Goodreau, governor of the Moose, is joined by Deputy Chief Theresa Merritt, center, and Elk County Sheriff Jeffrey C. Krieg. Photo by Joseph Bell

The Elk County Sheriff's Department recently accepted a donation from the Loyal Order of Moose in Ridgway to help offset the costs of various programs offered to the community's children.
"We go to any location, normally every year we'll go to the different schools and present different programs," Deputy Chief Theresa Merritt said. "There is an organization that does homeschooling and we started going to those as well."
Among the programs offered are Amber Stick, Kid Escape Program and Child Photo ID.
For the cost of $5, the office provides photo IDs to residents under the age of 16 which may be accepted by airlines, airport security, cruise lines and border patrol agents.
The Kid Escape Program is the sheriff department's newest program designed to keep area youth safe. The program teaches children to "elude potential abductors by using the 'Grip, Dip and Spin' technique in a way that is fun and easy to remember."
"We go to any show that we're invited to, the fire department had their yearly anniversary thing, so we go to things like that," Merritt said. "I've had teachers and different organizations call and explain to us what they're trying to teach, and they ask if there's something we can tailor to their lesson plans.
For more on this story, see the November 22 edition of The Daily Press.

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