Rigas details Zito Media's forthcoming upgrades

Regarding what has been a hot topic item throughout St. Marys for some time, Jim Rigas of Zito Media discussed several issues encountered by the cable company during Monday evening's St. Marys City Council meeting.Rigas began by explaining planned St. Marys upgrades, ranging from bandwidth upgrade, two-way activation, and regional fiber network to high-speed data and voice capability, high-definition and DVR offerings. "We're excited about the new offerings. It's been longer coming than we expected it to be. We really think it makes us much more competitive in the video landscape. We think this answers a lot of questions consumers have been asking us for quite a while now," Rigas said.Local customers may have already or will soon be receiving a letter and channel guide from Zito Media detailing the changes, as well as a new channel lineup guide.