Letters From Home to mail packages Nov. 21

Letters From Home is set to put together around 3,500 packages for men and women currently serving in the armed forces in both the United States and abroad. Chris Jovenitti, director of Letters From Home, addressed attendees at American Legion Post 103's annual Veterans Day Banquet on Saturday evening about the program's upcoming events. "We are ready to ship out next week to over 3,500 men and women in the United States and abroad, our care packages. We are nationwide under the Pentagon and under the Department of Defense. We have over 4,000 toothbrushes ready to go, along with something for them to eat, something to drink and something like a Nerf football or some toiletries," Jovenitti said. Banquet attendees were asked to write a brief message on postcards that will be mailed in the care packages. The postcards will be sent a random to both single soldiers and units serving in all branches of the armed forces. Jovenitti also remarked that all members of the public are invited to assist with putting the care packages together on Sunday, Nov. 21 at the Sacred Heart Activity Center in St. Marys. Registration will start at 12:30 p.m. and volunteers will begin making care packages at 1 p.m. Individuals of all ages are invited to volunteer to assist with the endeavor. "It does take a lot of people to put together that many care packages. The public is always welcome. Thirty-five hundred care packages, usually we see about, say, 250 people that show up, so it goes pretty fast," Jovenitti said. For more on this story, see the Nov. 15 edition of The Daily Press.