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It's Girl Scout cookie time

January 20, 2011

Local Girl Scout Isabella Pistner gears up to sell cookies dressed as a Samoa, the organization's top-selling cookie in the area. Photo submitted.

Calling all Girl Scout cookie fans: It's that time of year when Girl Scouts around the country embark on their annual cookie sale. Orders are now being taken until Wednesday, Jan. 26, with delivery expected the week of February 24.
Once again, this year's offerings include Thin Mints, Tagalongs, Samoas, Do-Si-Dos, Lemon Chalet Cremes, Trefoils, Dulce de Leches, and Thank U Berry Munches.
All eight varieties are selling for $3.50 a box, the same cost as in past years. Troops receive proceeds of 65 cents per box for senior scouts and 60 cents for junior and cadet scouts.
"Last year there were 1,264 cases sold, which equals 15,168 boxes," said Mallory Bush, cookie coordinator for the St. Marys Neighborhood of Girl Scouts, which is comprised of the City of St. Marys, Fox Township and Bennetts Valley.
Bush added the top-selling cookie for the area was the Samoa, a vanilla cookie covered with caramel on top, then rolled in coconut and striped with chocolate.
Last year's top-selling area Girl Scout was Jessica Dietz from Troop 20627, under the leadership of Chris Gismondi. The top-selling group was Troop 20234, under the leadership of Amy Anderson, Barb Daniels and Mimi Troha.

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