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Hoffman’s horror movie chosen as film festival finalist

October 27, 2010

SMAHS senior Dillon Hoffman arranges the costume of the villain in his homemade movie “The Horrible 4,” which was chosen as a finalist in the Horrorfind Film Festival in Gettysburg. Photo by Amy Cherry

Just in time for Halloween, St. Marys Area High School senior Dillon Hoffman, 18, hosted a screening of his horror movie “The Horrible 4” on Wednesday evening at the high school.
In September, Hoffman was chosen as a finalist in the annual Horrorfind Weekend Film Festival held in Gettysburg. His film was shown inside the Gateway Theater to a large crowd on Saturday, Sept. 4.
Among the hundreds of movie submissions, Hoffman’s was chosen as one of the 31 finalists, of which he was the youngest.
Touted as “the spookiest show on Earth,” Horrorfind includes such events as a film festival, author readings and signings, costume contests, seminars on hauntings, Halloween and the supernatural, live bands and vendors. There are also celebrity appearances, including a question-and-answer session this year with famed “Night of the Living Dead” director George Romero, as well as other former horror movie celebrities. This was the 12th year for the event, which ran from Sept. 3-5.
As the director and producer of the 60-minute film, Hoffman enlisted the help of his peers in making the movie. Among the cast were fellow students Joe Blum, Cassie Williams, Tori Dezanet, Danielle Schneider and Kaley Williams, as well as a guest appearance by Dillon’s mother, Kim Hoffman.
The plot of the movie centers around Charlie, a “geek” played by Hoffman, who is having difficulty fitting in at school. On the last day of school, Charlie meets a group of four classmates. He becomes obsessed with Elizabeth, but yearns to fit in with the entire group. In order to do this, Charlie is required to pass an initiation, which takes place in an old condemned house. Once inside he is told about the spooky past of the house, including a ghost named Hillary who lives in the attic. Charlie is locked in the attic where he must repeat “Hillary” three times.
The group leaves Charlie in the attic while they go out for dinner. Upon their return, Charlie is nowhere to be found. The next day, Blum’s character begins his summer job at a location where a masked character appears out of nowhere and begins killing random victims.
Among the movie’s filming locations were Dave’s Pro Shop, Rick’s Dough Boys and Hoffman’s home.
The trailer for “The Horrible 4” may be found on YouTube by searching for Hoffman’s screen name, spookboy709. The movie is broken down into sections. Hoffman also created a music video for Marilyn Manson’s “Sweet Dreams,” filmed in a local cemetery, which is also posted on the site.
For more on this story see the October 28 edition of The Daily Press.

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