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The Millennial quandary

December 3, 2011

With the primary in full swing, and swing states ripe for the picking, the quadrennial ritual dance of election season has begun. But rather than a body politic, there is a particular body of people who stand to exert a considerable influence on the vote in 2012. These are the Millennials, those of us born during the 1980s and 90s, who now comprise 38 percent of the voter base.

Black Friday madness and 'ill will toward men'

November 26, 2011

When did getting a gift for a loved one, a selfless act of generosity come to involve scratching and clawing at others in order to do so?
This year's Black Friday sales saw a spate of incidents that over the years have sadly become commonplace. This year saw shootings, stabbing, macing, vandalism, and any other number of insane and altogether holiday-spiritless acts.

9/11 remembered...watching a tragedy unfold

September 10, 2011

9/11 remembered
by Colin Deppen
Staff Writer

On Tuesday, Sept. 11th, 2001, I watched with the rest of the world as the Twin Towers in New York City, having been struck by two hijacked commercial jets, burned and eventually collapsed.

Fireworks frenzy

July 19, 2011

I don't know about you, but I thought the fireworks in St. Marys were really nice this year. I had the opportunity to watch from a backyard deck on Spruce Street and found the view excellent. There were definitely some new and different pieces this year, as promised by the director of operations from the company who provides the fireworks, and at certain points "oohs" and "aahs" could be heard from all the way down the street. Kudos to the St. Marys Area Chamber of Commerce for continuing to sponsor this event and line up donations for both the fireworks and the entertainment, and for the St.

Don't Pass Me By

July 6, 2011

I waved to somebody I didn't know again the other day-- I sometimes do that because I think I know the person, but it turns out I don't. Every once in a while I will call someone's name on the street or somewhere and it isn't who I thought it was when he or she turns around. Oops. Oh, well.
Apparently someone has a car very much like my sister's and also looks like my sister-- the other day I beeped and waved madly as we drove past each other. Well, it wasn't my sibling, but at least the lady returned the greeting.

All keyed up  

June 23, 2011

How do people get so many keys? At what point did my key ring start to resemble the school custodian's or Schneider on that show "One Day at a Time?" This is getting ridiculous.
For most of my life, I got away with carrying one key - to my house - and that resided in a zippered pocket somewhere in the recesses of my backpack. In college, I could pretty much fit everything I needed on a lanyard around my neck - standard student-issue. Well, not anymore.

A Walking Nightmare

June 6, 2011

For those of you who walk at night, whether for exercise or out of necessity, please wear some type of reflective clothing or tape on your person. The past week or so, I have driven by a number of people walking along the road at night, and they were not visible until I was right upon them. Not all streets and roadways have sidewalks or streetlights, and even when obeying the speed limit, a driver may not see you until it's too late.

Be on the Lookout

May 18, 2011

An incident took place yesterday, and I found myself imagining what would happen if it became one of the plots on a TV crime drama, like that old 80s police show "Hill Street Blues"...

Primaries are important, too

May 15, 2011

Voter turnout in Elk County is generally very good; area residents should be proud of themselves for exercising their right to vote. Sometimes, however, primary elections like the one coming up on Tuesday, May 17 see a dip in voter participation. I hope that is not the case on Tuesday.

Involvement in the Middle East not over

May 5, 2011

The long-elusive Osama bin Laden has been removed as a threat to the citizens of the world. While this is good news for the global war on terror, the time to celebrate the fall of tyranny and rejoice should be short-lived, as by no means is this over yet. Bin Laden was not only a mastermind with a far-reaching arm who was able to execute terroristic plots from remote locations, but he was also a symbol, revered by those who despise the workings and culture of the Western world, the United States in particular.

St. Marys Legion's Dan Stauffer slides into third base during the Region 8 Tournament.
The St. Marys junior baseball all-star team advanced to the final of the winner's bracket with a 13...
The second-seeded St. Marys Legion baseball team opened the Elk County League playoffs on Wednesday...
Jeffrey Scott Buck Jr., an 18-year-old volunteer firefighter with Lawrence Township Fire Company,...