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Updated: 16 min 10 sec ago

Virgin Galactic loses $500 million spaceship

26 min 23 sec ago
The Virgin Galactic spaceship that crashed Friday cost nearly $500 million to develop.

What's open on Thanksgiving, and what isn't

43 min 44 sec ago
Whether or not to shop on Thanksgiving is a controversial issue, and several major retailers are already taking sides.

Baby Boomers say they aren't moving out of their homes

1 hour 5 min ago
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Budweiser profits pinched by Russia

1 hour 52 min ago
Russia was a major buzz kill for the brewer of Budweiser and other well-known beers.

Most wanted Halloween costume: 'Frozen'

1 hour 55 min ago
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Homes for the homeless...inside billboards

2 hours 4 min ago
Billboard ads are expensive to construct, maintain and rent, but they don't serve any functional purposes -- so Michal Polacek redesigned them to house the homeless.

Wall Street firm pushes for student loan forgiveness

2 hours 14 min ago
One Wall Street firm has an idea that's raising eyebrows: forgive some student debt for first-time homebuyers.

Russia-Ukraine gas deal to keep Europe warm

4 hours 30 min ago
Russia and Ukraine's new energy deal ensures gas will flow freely to Europe just in time for winter.

Honda, Takata sued over exploding airbags

5 hours 35 min ago
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The fix for exploding airbags may be more deadly than the problem

5 hours 36 min ago
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Halloween treat as stock market soars

5 hours 46 min ago
October turned out to be quite the treat for investors.

America's gun stores are overstocked

6 hours 5 min ago
There's a glut of guns for sale in America.

Apple says it may lose Irish tax break

6 hours 47 min ago
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It looks like Russia and smells like Russia ... but is it Russia?

7 hours 22 min ago
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Starbucks to start coffee delivery soon

8 hours 16 min ago
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This 3-D scanner-printer is a flop. But the future is promising

8 hours 34 min ago
We were excited to test out the Da Vinci AiO 3-D scanner-printer, because it had the potential to make 3-D printing approachable for anybody with an electrical socket.

Stocks: 5 things to know before the open

9 hours 54 min ago
Good morning. There's a ton going on today!

Can anything save Sony?

11 hours 53 min ago
Sony is in dire straits.

Bank of Japan stuns market with even more stimulus

14 hours 15 min ago
The Bank of Japan is going for broke and expanding its already aggressive stimulus plan in an effort to keep the country's economic revival plan on track.

GM spokesman becomes 'Chevy Guy' thanks to 'technology and stuff'

Thu, 10/30/2014 - 6:53pm
Giants' pitcher Madison Bumgarner may have gotten the trophy, but the true MVP of the World Series Wednesday night was Rikk Wilde.
It took five sets but the St. Marys Area Lady Dutch volleyball team captured the District 9 Class...
Elk County Catholic is wasting little time in advancing through the District 9 volleyball playoffs...
Elk County Catholic volleyball moved to 15-0 overall and moved forward to the District 9 Class A...
On March 14, 2012, Governor Tom Corbett signed into law a contentious piece of legislation...